Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#AberothAlert #2: Kelly And Avicii's Massive White Realm Orc Cave Rampage [Post #3]

Whaaaat is uuup Aberoth Alert Nation Fans? It's your host, Killer Commodorestar! Let's get riiiiight into the news! (I think I'll just skip that intro in the next #AberothAlert...) AAAANYWAY! Earlier today, Kelly and Avicii rampaged the white realm Orc Cave! It is unknown how many players died in it. Eventually, Nyxon and Birde chased them away. (I think.) Sorry about not having many pictures, next time I'll try to put some. Byee.

#AberothAlert #1: New Scrolls Released By Accident! [Post #2.]

What is uuup Aberoth Alert Nation? I'm your host, killer Commodorestar, leeet's get riiiiight into the news! So recently, Simple put the code for several NEW scrolls into the game. They weren't set to drop yet, so he thought no one would find out about them until he set them to. BUT HE WAS WRONG! Tattletale Tavelor, upon being prompted with the 'Gurun' command, announced the new scrolls, because, of course, Gurun didn't have them yet. WELL, that is all for today! #AberothAlert is now at ZERO MILLION subscribers! (Not even a youtube channel, anyway.)

Side Note: I got the idea for this from an Aberoth player called Keemstarr, who goes around annoying people by saying stuff like 'Let's get right into the news!' Wow.